CHARDER MA601 Multi Measurement Analyser

The MA601 Body Composition Analyzer applies artificial neural network algorithms to Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).

FORA 6 Plus

Multi-Functional Monitoring Meter Pack. With the ability to measure multiple-parameters in a single device, you will achieve a more comprehensive diabetes management.

SONY Medical Imaging

Sony delivers innovation across the imaging workflow, from leading 4K, 4K3D and 3D technologies – to the very latest in IP conversion to create smart digital operating rooms.

Beurer EM 49 TENS/EMS

The EMS/TENS has 64 pre-programmed applications. It also has 6 customisable programs that allow you to adjust the frequency, pulse width and on/off time.


Beurer BM 55
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Upper arm or wrist blood pressure monitors for quick and safe handling: so you can simply do lot for your health.

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