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With 28 years of experience in the medical and healthcare devices industry, we have successfully collaborated with international top class brands to offer value for money products to our existing and potential customers. This include top quality Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose Monitor, Thermometer, Nebulizer, Stethoscope, Professional Scales, Pulse Oximeter, Steam Sterilizer, Medical Grade Monitors, Recorders and Printers.

Over the years, we have extended our product range to health and well-being, with the introduction of Professional Body Composition Monitor, TENS/EMS Devices, Infrared Light, Activity Sensor, Heating Pads, Kitchen Scales and Beauty Devices.

Brands under our care have become synonymous with high quality and reliability, good designs accompanied by the latest in technology.

Therefore our mission is to offer a complete high quality International branded range of health, medical and well-being devices covering entry level to high end needs. We strive to deliver the best service with superior product for years to come.

About Kinsmedic - Leading The Way In Health and Well Being

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