Spirit Infant 2-Tube Rubber Bladder & Nylon Infant Cuff

Spirit Infant 2-Tube Rubber Bladder & Nylon Infant Cuff


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Nylon infant cuff and Infant 2-Tube Rubber Bladder for sphygmomanometer

P-102NI Nylon Infant Cuff : Circumference: 24.5 cm X 8.0 cm

P-107IDT Tube Rubber Bladder : Circumference : 11.5 cm. X 7.0 cm

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The product as detailed below is warranted from defects in parts and workmanship from the date of purchase by Kinsmedic Sdn Bhd (the company):

Beurer – 36 mths, except BPM, Thermometer, Nebulizer, TENS/EMS, Underblanket & Weighing Scale – 60 mths, Fora – 60 mths, Choicemmed – 24 mths, Charder/Sony/Spirit/Tuttnauer/Visiofocus – 12 mths

Warranty coverage is subject to the following terms & conditions:

  1. The company will repair or replace free of charge any defective parts arising from normal usage.
  2. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear & tear, including battery leakage, cuffs & other consumables.
  3. The Company will not accept liability for any damage caused by misuse, and unauthorized modification or repair to the product. This, include unauthorized usage of non-compliant AC adaptors.
  4. Lower portion of this card must be fully completed and mailed to the Company within ten (10) days of purchase.
  5. The warranty is only valid if the product is purchased new from the Company or through its authorized dealer for use in Malaysia.
  6. Products eligible for warranty claim must be returned with original warranty card and proof of purchase. (i.e. receipt)