SONY LMD-X2710MD 27-inch 4K 2D LCD Medical Monitor

SONY LMD-X2710MD 27-inch 4K 2D LCD Medical Monitor


SONY LMD-X2710MD 27-inch 4K 2D LCD Medical Monitor

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High picture quality and extensive inputs to support 4K/HD and HDR surgical imaging systems

The LMD-X2710MD is a 27-inch 4K LCD medical-grade surgical monitor intended for use in hospital operating rooms, surgical centres, clinics, doctors’ offices and similar medical environments. Suitable for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures, it displays bright, high quality 2D colour images with true 4K resolution from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible medical imaging systems.

4K picture quality is enhanced further by HDR gamma support and a wide colour gamut for clearer viewing of fine details and subtle tonal differences. Thanks to Sony’s unique technology, HD/SD resolution signals are automatically upscaled to a 4K view with four times the pixel count of Full HD. This makes the LMD-X2710MD ideal for users of HD surgical imaging systems who can enjoy improved image quality today while being ready for future upgrades to a 4K system.

Operation is simplified by the monitor's intuitive control panel and LED navigation. There's a wide range of input and output signal options; DP, HDMI, DVI, 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI. For greater flexibility, images can be displayed from multiple sources quickly from the menu in a variety of display modes.

Compact and easy to clean, the ergonomic design of the LMD-X2710MD is ideal for integration in modern clinical environments. Installation is simplified with a choice of AC or DC powering options and neat cable management.

Bright, high quality 4K images
HD/SD to 4K upscaling
Wide colour gamut
HDR gamma support with HLG
Compact and ergonomic with easy-clean design
Range of display modes
Easy-to-use control panel with LED lighting navigation and custom buttons
Auto signal detect and fail-safe modes
Compact, practical design and easy cleaning
Choice of signal inputs/outputs
Installation-friendly cabling
Compliance with medical standards


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